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Children's Safety

Our children's safety campaign is a collaboration with the Middlesex Children's Advocacy Center and the Safe Babies Safe Kids Task Force.  Please feel free to download these brochures.  If you would like printed copies, please e-mail or call 781.897.8300.

Posters on these topics are available below.  Please feel free to print and display this life saving information.

Safe Babies, Safe Kids

District Attorney Maian Ryan created the Safe Babies, Safe Kids (SBSK) Task Force in 2009 as a multi-disciplinary, cross-sector partnership to address issues of health and safety affecting babies and children in Middlesex County.  SBSK partners include:  Winchester Hospital; Melrose-Wakefield Hospital; Mount Auburn Hospital; Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Lowell General Hospital; Emerson Hospital; Newton-Wellesley Hospital; Holy Family Hospital; Tufts Medical Center; Metro West Free Medical Program; the Massachusetts Medical Society; the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families; the Massachusetts Department of Public Health; Children’s Trust; the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office; and the School of Nursing and Health Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Boston.  

The initiative grew out of the Middlesex Shaken Baby Task Force and the Middlesex Child Fatality Review Team, expanding the focus to include all types of preventable death and injury to infants and children.  SBSK partners meet regularly to share information, assess risk factors, discuss strategies for intervention and prevention, and recommend best practices to keep children safe.

SBSK has developed safety awareness campaigns, designed to educate parents, daycare providers, camp counselors and other caregivers about keeping children safe around bodies of water, including backyard water features, ensuring that babies are safe in their cribs, away from open windows, and not left alone in hot cars. These safety messages have been distributed across Middlesex County, including at local YMCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs, and community centers. In addition, SBSK has partnered with local pool service companies to provide homeowners with pool safety information.

The task force continues the important work of educating parents and child care providers about the devastating effects of abusive head trauma in children. SBSK distributes literature about techniques that providers can use to calm a baby, as an alternative to shaking. The group targets obstetricians, childcare classes and new fathers.

SBSK plans to strategize about intervention and prevention for children who are born addicted to drugs or with fetal alcohol syndrome. Public information efforts will target high risk groups, including prison inmates.

SBSK will also look for ways to address gaps in services for young families by creating public private partnerships to provide care and support. The group will use social media and other technology to allow parents and caregivers immediate access to information that will help keep their children healthy and safe.

Safe Sleep

In 2015, District Attorney Ryan launched  an Infant Safe Sleep Awareness Effort with Winchester Hospital and Safe Babies, Safe Kids Task Force.  Enlisting the talent of graphic design students at Lowell Regional Technical High School, under the direction of Instructor Briana Burtsell, the students set out to create a visual campaign that highlights just what safe sleep is and is not.   Their work has been distributed to the birthing hospitals in Middlesex County. 


Summer Safety Poster Campaign

Splash into a Safe Swim Season: Water Safety

  • Actively supervise children at all times in any body of water
  • Teach children to swim
  • Never swim alone
  • Ensure that residential pools are locked and secure when not in use
  • Keep climbable objects away from pool barriers 

Kids Can’t Fly: Window Safety

  • Lock all unopened windows
  • Open windows from the top down if possible
  • Keep toys and climbable furniture such as beds and sofas away from windows
  • Install window stops to prevent windows from opening more than 4 inches
  • Install window guards with a quick-release feature for emergencies
  • Plant shrubs or place other soft material under windows to cushion potential falls
  • Don’t rely on screens to protect your child—screens are designed to keep bugs out, not children in

Check the Back Seat: Car Safety

  • NEVER leave children alone in a parked vehicle, even if they are asleep or restrained or the windows are open
  • If a child is missing, check the vehicle first, including the trunk
  • Do things to remind yourself a child is in the vehicle, such as placing your purse or other items you need in the back seat
  • Always lock your car and keep the keys out of children’s reach

Let your Baby Breath: Safe Sleep for Infants

  • Always place baby on his/her back to sleep
  • Keep baby’s sleep area free of pillows, soft of loose bedding, padded bumpers, soft objects and toys
  • Place baby in a safety-approved crib with a firm mattress and tightly-fitted sheet
  • Place baby to sleep in a separate sleep area close to where you or others sleep
  • Prevent overheating by not overdressing baby and keeping room temperature between 68-72 degrees
  • Give baby plenty of tummy time when awake and someone is watching

To further educate new parents and caregivers on safe sleep for infants, the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, through its Safe Babies Safe Kids task force and partner hospitals, provides the Safe Sleep cards to hospitals, day care facilities and pediatrician offices throughout the county.  These cards are now available in Spanish.  We are also working with pediatricians to make sure they talk about safe sleep with families at newborn doctor visits during first month they are born.  The cards are provided to families at those visits to reinforce safe sleep habits.

Visit the Middlesex Children's Advocacy Center for more information and additional safety tips.

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