Prevention Programs & Initiatives

Gang Initiatives

The presence of gang activity in our neighborhoods and schools is poses a serious public safety concern.  Our office partners with the State Police Gang Task Force, local police departments, and Middlesex Partnerships for Youth to raise awareness and provide trainings about local gangs.  The trainings focus on recognizing signs of gang membership and activity, reasons why kids join gangs, and preventative measures to deter kids from joining gangs.

This office has taken a leadership role in several programs designed to address and prevent gang presence in the community.  District Attorney Marian Ryan and her staff are active participants in the Lowell Youth Development Collaborative and the Framingham Youth Development Collaborative.  These groups are comprised of college administrators, high-school principals, youth service organizations and other community leaders who discuss crime trends and solutions, such as summer jobs opportunities and anti-drug programs.

Our prosecutors participate in Safety First, a program that brings together police, probation, corrections, parole and social service providers in several communities to share information about high-risk individuals and known gang-members.

We also work with several local police departments on the Impact Players initiative to identify and share information about gang membership.

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