Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety is the #1 safety and security issue for private industry.

District Attorney Marian Ryan developed the Workplace Safety Program in response to escalating reports of violence in the workplace.  This unique public/private partnership is designed to train employers, managers and employees about intervention, prevention and response to safety concerns. 

The initiative draws upon Middlesex County’s rich and varied resources in academia, scientific research and medical facilities to formulate strategies, make threat assessments, and prevent potential volatile situations.  This collaboration can help minimize the likelihood of a workplace tragedy, maximize the response, and mitigate the harm. 

The trainings have two components.  There is a 90 minute Recognition and Minimization session, where participants discuss policy concepts and assess their own internal training needs.  The second component is a 4 hour session, devoted to joining personnel from various divisions within the organization for an in-depth discussion and exercise using hypothetical scenarios.  Employers can choose to participate in one component or both, together or in succession.

The program recognizes the importance of a comprehensive organization-wide commitment to safety, communication of concrete policies, and employee empowerment.

District Attorney Ryan, her staff, and their private partners have presented on this topic to schools, hospitals, police departments and private companies.   

For more information, or to arrange a program for your workplace, contact: Diane MacDonald, Project Coordinator at (781) 897-8303

May 15th Workplace Safety Summit Materials

Safety and Respect at Work, LLC Powerpoint

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May 15th Workplace Safety Summit Materials AVAILABLE

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