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Community Based Justice

The Middlesex District Attorney established the Community Based Justice program in the 1980’s, at the height of state-wide gang violence.  The program became a national model and is now state-mandated for all Massachusetts District Attorneys’ offices.  The statutory purpose of CBJ is to “coordinate efforts of the criminal justice system in addressing juvenile justice.”

Middlesex prosecutors convene weekly, bi-weekly and monthly CBJ meetings in 46 cities and towns.  Participants include juvenile and district court prosecutors, educators, police officers, probation officers and social service providers. 

The group focuses on court-involved students who have been identified as being most likely to pose a threat to their community.  Participants share information about individual students and discuss their concerns.  The frank and confidential discussions help develop a comprehensive strategy for prevention and intervention before the juvenile's behavior becomes hurtful to himself, his classmates or the community.  As a result, CBJ fosters a safer learning environment for everyone.

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