Middlesex District Attorney Office's Intervention & Prevention Programs and Initiatives

We are committed to innovative crime prevention and intervention initiatives.  Our staff partners with community groups, educators, business owners, medical professionals, social service providers, and law enforcement officers to address a variety of public safety issues. 

Some of our prevention programs and initiatives are listed below.

  • Alcohol & Drug Initiatives
  • Bullying & Cyber Bullying
  • Community Based Justice
  • Drug Forfeiture Program
  • Gang Initiatives
  • Juvenile Diversion Program
  • Middlesex Partnerships for Youth 
  • Workplace Safety Program

Distracted driving is dangerous. Don't text and drive . . . "It Can Wait"!

Focus On Distracted Driving

Our youth is growing up in an age of unprecedented technological advancements, which enable them to communicate instantly to friends and family.  With the click of a button, users can access social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and communicate instantly. Read More

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Speaking for those without a voice: focusing on unsolved homicides.
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